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Do More With Campaign OS

Campaign OS (COS) allows your business to reach your current customer base while scaling messaging outreach through our campaign management software.
Gain efficiency and organization in managing multiple campaigns at once while receiving results-driven updates and real-time content control. We offer a wide range of tools like live agent calling, email broadcasting, SMS/MMS messaging & dynamic Robocalling / IVR.

Our Contact Management Software Includes:

  • Live agent calling
  • Bulk email broadcasting
  • Compliant SMS/MMS text campaigns
  • Dynamic Robo/IVR calling
  • Advanced tracking & reporting

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    SMS / MMS Text CampaignsRobo / IVRLive Agent Calling / Call CentersAdvanced Tracking & ReportingAll of the above

    Key Features of Campaign OS

    COS is a proven multi-channel contact management system built for businesses, organizations, and call centers. With COS you can manage your entire community ecosystem, including donors, volunteers, sponsors, voters and more.

    Live Agent Calling

    Robust Inbound and Outbound call management, data collection, goal attending, scheduling and real time reporting of results and analytics. Advanced, dynamic scripting simplifies complex surveys.


    Send volume SMS/MMS messages in fully compliant peer to peer environment and respond in real time. Conduct an unlimited number of texting campaigns with ease. Automatic DNC filters track opt-outs.


    Bulk emailing with advanced tracking. Use open and click results to spawn follow-up SMS, robo or live calls. Manage IPs and roll out new email campaigns with high delivery rates in seconds.

    Robo & IVR

    Dynamic Inbound and Outbound Robo/IVR can mix and match recordings & text to speech to deliver unique content on each call. Our IVR calling system delivers flexible functionality for outbound & inbound calls.

    Why Our Customers Appreciate COS Software

    We serve nonprofit organizations to efficiently grow their mission & causes through our volunteer management, fundraising software and marketing automation capabilities.

    New! Volunteer Dialing System

    Supports up to 15,000 Contacts per Call Center Dialer with Inbound and Outbound Call Capabilities

    Purposeful Call Center Software

    • Supports up to 15,000 Users per Call Center Dialer
    • Up to 1,000 Concurrent Campaigns
    • Simple Yet Intuitive Scripting Requires Minimal Training
    • Includes Outbound & Inbound Call Capability
    • Volunteers Can Also Send Peer to Peer Texts
    • Self-Manage or Use Our Virtual Call Center Managers
    • Online Help & Toll-Free Support

    Call Center Dialer Features

    • Predictive Dialing to Landlines Increases Productivity
    • Call Center Dialer to Cell Phones Eliminates Hand Dialing
    • Includes Answer Machine Filtering to Raise Connectivity
    • Calls Automatically Connect to Next Available Person
    • Powerful Inbound, Outbound & Blended Capabilities
    • Quality Monitor & Coach Calls Real Time & Record Calls
    • Track Volunteer Hours & Individual Metrics

    State Of The Art Scripting Features

    • Simple Script Navigation with Hot Keys or Mouse
    • Questions Can Allow  One Response or Multiple Choice
    • Rotate Question Order & Randomize Question Responses
    • Patch-Thru & Transfer Calls to External Numbers with Ease
    • Send Custom SMS/Texts from within Any Question
    • Capture Freeform, Open-Ended Responses
    • Dynamically Display Anything in Data onto the Script


    Seamlessly Integrate All Types of Outreach
    Inbound and Outbound Live Calling, SMS/MMS Campaigns, Email Broadcasting & Robocalls/IVR


    View, Sort & Share Results with 2 Clicks
    Robust Reporting Provides Valuable Information & Analysis Across Campaigns


    Launch New Projects or Change in Real Time
    Project Scheduling, Dynamic Scripting & Peer to Peer Texting Allow Nimble Response
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