New! Volunteer Dialing System

Supports up to 15,000 Volunteers per Dialer with Inbound and Outbound Call Capabilities

Purpose-Built for Volunteers & Call Centers

  • Supports up to 15,000 Volunteers per Dialer
  • Up to 1,000 Concurrent Campaigns
  • Simple Yet Intuitive Scripting Requires Minimal Training
  • Includes Outbound & Inbound Call Capability
  • Volunteers Can Also Send Peer to Peer Texts
  • Self-Manage or Use Our Virtual Call Center Managers
  • Online Help & Toll-Free Support

Advanced Dialer Features

  • Predictive Dialing to Landlines Increases Productivity
  • Human Dialer to Cell Phones Eliminates Hand Dialing
  • Includes Answer Machine Filtering to Raise Connectivity
  • Calls Automatically Connect to Next Available Person
  • Powerful Inbound, Outbound & Blended Capabilities
  • Quality Monitor & Coach Calls Real Time & Record Calls
  • Track Volunteer Hours & Individual Metrics

State Of The Art Scripting Features

  • Simple Script Navigation with Hot Keys or Mouse
  • Questions Can Allow  One Response or Multiple Choice
  • Rotate Question Order & Randomize Question Responses
  • Patch-Thru & Transfer Calls to External Numbers with Ease
  • Send Custom SMS/Texts from within Any Question
  • Capture Freeform, Open-Ended Responses
  • Dynamically Display Anything in Data onto the Script
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